The Coachable Coach: Tim Fanning

The Coachable Coach: Tim Fanning

Article published by: Success is a Choice Podcast Network

Today’s guest on “The Coachable Coach” series is Tim Fanning, 8x State Championship baseball coach at Glenwood HS in Alabama. 

“The Coachable Coach” series on the Success is a Choice Podcast Network goes beyond the X’s and O’s as Jamy Bechler talks with some of the best sports coaches.

Jamy talks with coaches who value growth, improvement, and leadership – not just with their athletes but for themselves, as well. They believe that a strong culture doesn’t just happen by accident.

Good coaches may know the X’s and O’s, the tactics, and strategies that should lead to winning BUT great coaches know their athletes. Great coaches go beyond the X’s and O’s. Great coaches know how to inspire their athletes to do their best and maximize their chances for success.