Check-In and Pick Up
Thank you for choosing the Serve To Lead Baseball Camp! This page is for those looking for information on how to prepare for the camp assuming you have already signed up! If you have not registered for the camp as of yet or joined our waitlist, please do so now at the following link (Link provided Here). If your child is being picked up from either Lakewood Primary or Lakewood Elementary, we have already discussed whether we are picking them up or not. If we are picking them up, then that will happen daily unless otherwise noted or Lakewood Primary and Elementary are closed for a holiday! If you are dropping your young athlete off, then please do so by 3:15PM EST! We will be getting started promptly at 3:25 so we can maximize our time daily! Camp activities conclude daily at 5:15 to prepare for pickup from 5:15 until 5:30!! (Please do not be late!)

Detail Pickup Route Map
(This will be a link to a picture of the Academy and how we will do pickup)

What to Bring
• Players should bring glove, tennis shoes, and baseball attire (shorts or baseball pants, blue jeans and khakis are not the greatest to work in).
• Catchers bring your own gear.
• We will have bats and helmets accessible in the facility if player does not bring their own.
• Tennis shoes will be used at all times for this camp.
• No cleats needed!
• Please mark your glove, bat, hat and anything else you would like to claim if it gets lost!

  • We will have the Academy open if needed to drop your child’s equipment off at some point during the day.

Refund Policy
If you have paid for camp but for any reason you cannot attend camp, we have 2 options:

OPTION 1 – Refund
The first option is to request a money back refund. You will be refunded your full camp amount with the exception of the $75 non-refundable deposit.

OPTION 2 – Full amount applied to camp
The second option is to put the full payment to any future Serve To Lead Baseball Camp within 12 months after camp start date.

For weather updates, we will keep up with Phenix City School closures and contact campers ASAP with updates! If Phenix City cancels their after school activities, then we will abide by that decision at STL!

Any additional questions please email: Contact Us

[email protected], 706-741-6259